One Direction were on the X Factor US yesterday night.

The boys performing ‘Little Things’, their brand new single from their sophomore album Take Me Home (Coming on Monday; 4 days to go!), on the american X Factor.

I can’t get over this performance. And there’s a Ziall moment..! We should’nt forget Niall was performing in front of Demi.. I don’t know yet if it’s cute or awkward..

And I have to say there couldn’t be a better introduction to the song:

« The biggest boyband on earth »

Here’s their performance of ‘Live While We’re Young’.

If it’s really a tattoo Liam has on his right arm.. Can someone tell me the meaning?

Well, I guess this is it, 5 arrows going in on direction = One Direction. Why not?.. I guess it’s cute Liam got this inked in his skin, to remember his 4 mates years after. But in fact, I can see only 4 arrows so yeah, maybe it represents Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis going in the same direction as him…

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