Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 FIRST LOOK ft Salma Hayek | Paris Fashion Week | FashionTV

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  1. McQueen was a visionary in the fashion industry and this designer is a worthy successor to his legacy …. I love the collection … and made me laugh a lot the accent of my compatriot Salma Hayek

  2. If Mcqueen was alive i believe is collection would be different, he was an artist so therefore he would be doing something else something new, he would never ever do the same thing twice. You cannot be in his mind and predict what he would do.. He was One! so i don´t like this!

  3. Is it just me or every model on runway basically looks the same…as if they are electronically engineered clones of one model n they r programmed to walk like droids on ramp…i mean i can ask my friends to dress up like them for Halloween i mean…u…yeah !!

  4. So beautifully scrumptious, I love it! Sarah Burton is doing an AMAZING job!! People feel they need to compare her to Alexander McQueen but they don’t seem to realize that she worked beside him so closely for many years and her aesthetics & style were already mixed into his collections, he was not living on an island somewhere designing all by himself. The great man had help. It’s incredible that she could take on all the stress of moving into the lead position and still create stunning artwork.

  5. I thought the collection was pretty but I also think McQueen was always original and everything always seemed « new » with him nothing will ever compare miss him a lot!

  6. I was pretty flabergasted. The amber touches, the chokers and the hats were absolutely marvelous and there was an extreme touch of elegance and an original spin that had me looking at haute couture in a different manner. It was original in the execution and the concept. Very refreshing to see.

  7. this collection is rubbish. although i do understand that sarah burton cannot compare to alexander mcqueen, she understand that drama does not mean excess. her reference to bees was too literal!

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