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  1. Wow, your comment had SO much more hate than mine…and all personal attacks against me. Very interesting. Just take some deep breaths man, it’s all gonna be okay!

  2. The Beatles were more than just timeless musicians, they were actually telling us the exact truth about the universe! If you want to know more just Google « Truth Contest » and click on the 1st result, then open The Beatles. Time to come together, right now.

  3. Don’t get your panties in such a twist over someone using artist representation of a great Beatles song! It was a simple question and you’ve gone off the edge in an unnecessary tyrant…. Whoa…Relax….Enjoy the music already……..

  4. Um I WASN’T on a rant ? Was trying to explain to the person who asked why it APPEARED that Paul and George left the stage because it was a bunch of different gigs not just one. The person who made this video ,did it pretty clever and someone unfamiliar with The Beatles would assume it was one gig.and were confused..I was trying to explain this..sorry if it sounded like a rant ? Btw you might check YOUR panties? Coz that was a bit harsh..I think Tyrant is a overbaring leader ,not verbal abuse

  5. Gawd, you are all trying start something out of nothing..? I never SAID this was a fake band. One MORE time: I was explaining to the person who asked why Paul and George left the stage this video . I said it was several videos mixed together. This was a video of several different gigs? Just helping by explaining that..it was NOT a rant against the person who made it..The Beatles etc..it was ANSWERING the question. Seriously ,people need to stop trying to start something and READ or get lives

  6. One more thing..I have been a fan of The Beatles for about 40 years now..I’ve read thousands of books..been to Liverpool several times,,have seen countless videos of their shows,,I have met Pete Best (that was the drummer BEFORE Ringo ) ..I think I know a bit about them..and I don’t CLAIM to know them personally but I KNOW enough about them to feel I can help someone asking a simple question,which ALL I was doing..I realize that some people feel the need to start immature attacks on these videos

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