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  1. I don’t know why everyone is hating on Daenerys! I don’t think this speech
    was that bad, she actually sounds kinda badass.. I also wish i could find
    the score they used for this trailer..?

  2. No Euron Greyjoy
    No Victarion Greyjoy
    No Aeron Greyjoy
    No Aerys Oakheart
    No Arianne Martell
    No Darkstar
    No Wyman Manderly
    No The North Remembers
    No Quentyn Martell
    No Young Griff
    No Griff, Lemore, Duckfield, Haldon
    No Tyrion going through The Sorrows
    No Lady Stoneheart
    No Randyll Tarly
    No Jaime in Riverlands with the Edmure & Brynden Tully situation


    We do have:
    -Daenerys talking about wheels
    -romance & sex scenes between the cockless Grey Worm and Missandei
    -The expected countless sex scenes with random whores that have nothing on

  3. Daenerys’s You talk about breaking the wheel and how you will destroy
    Baratheon,Lannister,Stark And Tyrell.

    Bitch please you can’t rule a city Let alone Hold it.
    The One True Leech Lord and The One True King Will battle with their
    blade’s sharp and with the fury coming.

    A battle which will be sung throughout the ages of man.
    You have Won no battle’s or killed any kings.

    So don’t be Trying to act hard because of Your « mighty » « Dragon’s » and your
    « unsullied »
    Come to the north bitch come and I’ll send you on a hiking expedition with
    Ramsay Bolton.
    Your army will known as the skinned wall once I’m done with them.

    And your dragon’s will be nothing more than skull’s fading away.

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