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  1. A show i will never watch nor read. That is ofc my own opinion and mine
    alone. I just want to know what motivates anyone to watch this? Is it the
    lust for intimate contact or the blood, despair and drama. The way i see it
    it’s a tale played out in a world where good morality hardly exist, an
    interpretation of our own existance from a very cynical and one sided point
    of wiew which the author somehow try to use as a eye opener, a way to
    reflect on the quite pathetic and easily avoidable conflicts we enjoy on
    our planet like for example Ukraine, Is, Israel, north korea and so forth.
    This is ofc a useless ideal as most people dont care to look further as to
    understand different opinions and ideas, and will most likely never do so.

    Am i right in any way? I dont know i have very little insight in the matter
    and i am not here to create conflict.

  2. For anyone interested, these are the ages, if I remember correctly, of the
    characters in the first book vs TV show. Very disturbing X).
    Robb and Jon are 14 in the first book.
    Daenyres is 13
    Joffrey is 12
    Sansa is 11
    Arya is 8
    Bran is 7
    Rickon (baby Stark) is 3
    Tommen is 6 I believe and Myrcella, I cannot remember.
    Oh, and the sexy ex slave girl that works for Dany, she was 9.

  3. « and all these other characters who’s names you actually don’t remember »
    WTF ? you don’t remember Petyr Baelish ?!? He’s the cause to ALL the things
    happening in westeros, so he’s pretty much the most important person in the
    whole series ^^
    He’s the reason jon arryn died, which caused King Robert to travel north to
    Winterfell, where Bran was thrown out of the window, which caused Catelyn
    Stark to imprison Tyrion Lannister. And because of that, Jaime Lannister
    attacked Ned Stark, which lead to his beheading in the end, which caused
    the whole fucking rebellion that’s going on right now.

    So you’re telling me you don’t remember that person ?? lol

  4. i find it strange that so many people have a problem with the nudity when
    everyone has a body.yet most everyone is fine with the extreme violence.
    its fascinating how the human mind works. since we have been wearing cloths
    are hole lives its some how wrong or indecent for people to see nudity.yet
    since we see violence on a daily bases .seeing extreme violence is some how
    .if people would remember why we wear cloths to begin with maybe nudity
    wouldn’t be such a problem for people we wear cloths not because its decent
    or because of the difference between sexes .we wear cloths to protect are
    body’s from the elements

  5. Can anyone recommend me Game of Thrones? Is it good or not? What’s it
    mainly about? Will i get a boner every episode? How many seasons are there?
    Is it on Netflix?

    If anyone can answer these questions for me (Especially #4) i will be
    greatly thankful.

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