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  1. LOOOOOOOL, you make me laugh, 1D are better than JLS, and cuter? well I say you should have gone to specksavers, way more fun? erm.. this is really awkward isn’t it? they are hardly fun, they bore me to death. please get off this video… now. bye bro!

  2. Haha, yeah ’cause that’s really why 1D are said to be the hottest boy band now, got to play at the olympics and JLS didn’t, have gotten the most awards this year, more than Adele, being called he modern Beatles, need I go on? All I’m saying is you shouldn’t be comparing bands and singers, 1D and JLS are friends so seriously, shut up!

  3. So JLS performed for the queen did 1 Erection ? No they didn’t!! Don’t tell me to shut up!! JLS have way more awards than one erection!! And they write their own songs!! do 1 erection ? No they don’t!! They are nothing like the beatles!! The beatles could actually sing!!

  4. You’re missing the point. You shouldn’t be comparing boy bands and stop calling them One Erection, I don’t call JLS GayLS because I’m a decent person! Everyone has their opinion, this is mine, that’s yours so just accept it and move on!

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