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  1. Hello Guys i’m 15 years old ive got a Dream, which is to be famous and make a difference in people’s life, but i cannot accomplish my dream because i haven’t got no one to support me and help me.
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  2. im so proud of my idol Justin, he has like almost the world hating him but he still goes on strong with his « fuck the haters » attitude… yeah one direction they’re good and sexy but justin is one man who achieved his dreams but working hard and never giving up hope… love you justin

  3. Gah, I love you so much Justin! You are the best! You don’t care WHAT these haters think, and honestly, these haters are just jealous of you. They wish they could have the screaming fans, the millions, the fame. You had a dream, and you stuck to it. You had a rough childhood, and still stuck to your dream. I say, that takes character, determination, and a positive attitude. And you’ve got all three. Plus, your music rocks, and you’re super hot(:
    Bravo Justin! I love you! <3

  4. I don’t understand how stupid so many people can be…I am not calling you stupid because your not flipping shit like all the other kids. I am watching this video for the music I like his music, so not to be mean but why don’t you think before you comment? I clearly stated in most of my comments here that im here for the song because I like the song. Also I dont care to be honest if ppl flag my comment because it just proves they are getting butthurt over some stranger behind a screen

  5. I ‘m both a Belieber and a Directioner, and in my opinion they are both amazing in their own ways, so guys lets please stop the hate. If you think one is better than the other thats fine and theres nothing wrong with that, but please dont start a fight, because nothing good will come out of it. No hate just saying… Love ya Biebs!!

  6. Fame is not all its cracked up to be. With fame comes a price to pay such as not being a normal kid anymore, having people chase you all over the damn place with cameras and annoying the hell out of you, always needing a bodyguard wherever you go. Can’t ever have your own privacy because paparazzi always try to dig up whatever they can and people spreading rumors about you which travel hella fast

  7. He just overused the word « swag » to much and rapping isn’t his thing. Hes a good kid (I say kid because were all kids at heart) and respectful. Theres just something about him I don’t like though.

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