24 réflexions sur « Lady Gaga – Fashion of His Love – Live in Stockholm, Sweden 30.08.2012 HD »

  1. What does Lady Gaga do when she’s having technical difficulties and can’t get the electronic music to start playing? She sings the song anyways! A capella! No music, just vocals. That’s Lady Gaga for you – she never disappoints! Haters gotta admit, not only does she actually sing live, but she’s really got some voice! Phenomenal! Also, laughing at « Terry will dance for you » hahahaha. I wish someone had asked her about ARTPOP though, but honestly, I would have asked her to take me backstage too.

  2. @MrMonsterBurton3 I really wanted to ask her where the fuck is the rest of the lyrics to Bad Kids! She has never performed the extra part in the booklet before. It’s a shame that Gaga came to the left side of stage where I was standing :( my creys! :'(

  3. Yes! what I think hat with actions like these and with her music she will show some of those ignorant haters how great of a true artist she is. A lot of those people just see the surface and dont really look into her work. But music critics around the world praise her music and live shows (5 grammys, 13 VMAS, Bambi award and so on) she is on her way to become a music legend.

  4. She sounds amazing without the track, just a bit of drum. She should do this more often and I wish people would ask better questions than « would you take me backstage ? ». Like « how are you? » or « what is the next single about? ». Shit like that.

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