25 réflexions au sujet de « Lady Gaga – Princess Die (Live in Bucharest, Romania, 16.08.2012) »

  1. shut up bitch.she is an angel,she said that she is NOT satanic.why do you think that?are you jealous because you didn’t come to her concert?she has so many fans,can’t you see?haha,get a life.

  2. RocketMoonMan, if you’re totally out of this world (and you are…) I suggest you to mind your own fucking business & shut the hell up. You don’t know me so you can’t judge me. I am « sweet & girly » with who deserves, why do you say I’m not like that, just because I don’t like a fat satanic slut named « gaga »??? Fuck off. .|.

  3. I don’t listen to what talking trash cans tell me to do so I’m pissing on your cow-ass opinion! :P she’s a fat satanic slut who looks like a donkey on drugs!! And what if she said so? I can’t believe you’re THAT STUPID to believe her… jealous of what? If I was « jealous » I’ve been on a true star, not on a freak O___O « angel »?! You really make me laugh :D how many fans? Only a small bunch of retarded « little monsters ». Haha, you get a brain & your own fucking business! Oh, wait, you can’t… =))

  4. You can’t know how God looks like, no one can, dumb asshole! And anyway it’s better than being satan’s shitty ass licker, who you are and also your ugly and fat « mommy monster » :P

  5. shut up slutty.of course,i believe her,got a problem?you don’t know her personal life.look,all the others little monster hate you.you don’t know me,so why are you judging me?mother fucker

  6. and if you heard of Catalin Botezatu,you have known that he met Lady Gaga and he told us that Gaga is a good person,and she’s elegant and very sensitive.SHe is a normal girl like you and me.God made us all perfect and equal so stop judging us.

  7. -just like crap gaga- you can’t be original at ANYTHING, not even at inventing insults ! =P How many times I must repeat I care in my VAGINA about what you tell me to do? First, you can’t speak in the name of many people, second, they are only a small bunch of « little monsters » suckers and third what the hell makes you think I give a shit on you or your dumb opinion? You’re only a piece of dogshit. I only feel sorry for your poor mom who was cursed for giving born to such a moronic freak…

  8. Hey,dudettes.Stop the fuck it ._. You can BOTH have your own fucking opinion.She loves gaga you hate her. SO WHAT? Just because she loves doesn’t mean you need to start bitching around with people you don’t know.And now about her,she didn’t had to get on you so bad at first.She is just a big fan and she is defending her idol. I BET you would do the same if you were her. Now let’s say nothing happened. Amen. :3

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