25 réflexions sur « Lady Gaga – #VevoCertified Part 4: Lady Gaga on ArtPop »

  1. If anyone had the privilege to experience the artRAVE you know how
    everything she’s saying, you actually feel during the show. I’ll never
    forget that night.

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  3. I cannot thank this woman enough! Since watching ARTrave I have started
    piano lessons, painting everyday religiously! Drawing. Planning photo
    shoots and designing new outfits. So I do not care if people don’t like
    ARTPOP because that album has changed my life and made me a better person.
    Thank you, Lady!

  4. Been to every ball and they have gotten more amazing and fun every time
    can’t say that about anyone else you really feel her moving forward and
    advancing in her performance art through each tour it’s amazing 

  5. I feel like 2013-2014 was hard for her. It was a year of hard lesson.
    People will abandon you, people kick you when you’re down and people try to
    bury you. And look at her now. She’s back and she’s so much stronger. A
    legend picked her up and she’s learned her lessons. I also feel like this
    year was a lesson for us Monsters too. I stanned for her and bragged about
    being her fan like a lot of others. I realize how degrading that was for
    her. She’s a person. She has flaws. Like everyone. No more drama from
    Monsters. Ignore the haters. Start the Arts :) 

  6. I loveeee her she is amazing!! I just love how she is not a selfish artists
    that thinks everyone loves her or pulls the « don’t you know who I am? »
    thing. She loves what she does and that really reflects on everything she
    has ever done. I will forever be a monster. She is certainly one of my
    idols of all time. As an artist, I believe you should be able to portray
    somehow who you are and she has done it perfectly. She deserves the best of
    the best!! I wish her all the best for this year and the years to come.
    GAGA YOU ROCK OUR WORLD!! Hope I can see her soon cause artRAVE didn’t came
    to my city and I couldn’t have the experience but I know that when the time
    comes, it will be more than AMAZING! She cares about us (fans) a lot and
    that is such a great thing to hear from her. THANK YOU GAGA!! 

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