Lady Gaga’s bodyguard hits a fan

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  1. poor fan???? if he had sliced her face with a naif thennn everybody would be like, WHY DA FUCK SECURITY DIDNT DO SHITTTT???? GURL BYE, HE NEEDED TO GET CHECKED AND HE GOT CHECKED, BAMMM!!!!!!!!

  2. I have a knife that looks like a pen; if I was that guy and the bodyguards didn’t do their job, it would’ve been easy to injure Gaga, then all of you guys would be complaining that her bodyguards are the dumbest.

    Seriously, that guy had it coming for him. He’s running like a maniac and completely not paying attention to her guards. If the bodyguards allowed that to happen, everyone would be all over her.

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  4. I dont understand how it is legal for someone to hit another person. So basically I can just go hit anyone and then say afterward, « oh I’m this girl’s (points to random girl) bodyguard. »

  5. Who knew writing material could be so dangerous!!!! :O ….. But in all seriousness i’m so happy that gaga’s crappy music hasn’t been on the radio for the past few months :)

  6. Really people all this hate to lady gaga… I don’t like most of her songs and she might not be the best at what she does but the bodyguard are paid to do tht… So don’t blame her some something tht the bodyguard are supposed to do!!!

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