Are we, directioners, going to break the Vevo record of Justin Bieber and his Beauty And A Beat?

I don’t know, but we can all say that Little Things, the boys’ second single of their sophomore album: Take Me Home, is more meaningful than the « I wanna see ya bady rack ». I’m not judging, no..
Little Things was written by Ed Sheeran, the ginger God. It’s obviously the most beautiful song ever. Ed + their voices = <3

It has been a really long week for the boys. Each day a different country. They went to Spain in Madrid, press conference and El Hormiguero; Italy in Milan, press conference and X Factor; Sweden, press conference and X Factor too and they landed yesterday in France, for a showcase with NRJ and Dancing With The Stars tonight.

Also, yesterday was a great day for the One Direction Family. Indeed, Take Me Home songs had been leaked, well snippets of 25 seconds revealing the awesomess of the album which will be released in 9 days! This morning we were able to listen to some full songs: Rock Me, They Don’t Know Us.. They’re pure heaven, I seriously can’t wait! Wbu? Also, Liam made an epic twitter fail by tweeting « kenza zouiten » and then, seeing what he’s done, confirmed he expected to look for it on Google. Someone explains me how could you mix up twitter with google? I mean, wuuut. But I can tell you that this Kenza really looks like Leona Lewis.. If you know what I mean. Ahah Liam is going quite wild at the moment. Ahah, no but he’s like in club every night. He said himself he was at the Arc at the Champs Elysees yesterday. He and Andy Samuels, is best friend, had a twitcam session this morning. at 5am.. Well, you have to see by yourself but it was really funny (check on youtube ;)). And I think that’s all. I’m gonna go back to cry, because I won’t ever see the boys on stage, on the corner.

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