Lots of news in the One Direction world

Flash news:

The boys are on X Factor US tonight!

They will be recording the Ellen Show tomorrow.

Harry’s got nearly 30 tattoos now, well I think he exactly got 30; bye to the ‘He got twenty-seven tattoos’ lyrics sung by Louis. His last ones are sparrows on his chest and a filled black heart, the same as Zayn, Lou and Tom. How cute?

There’s Zarry talking about, maybe, their next tattoos..

And there’s the black heart:

Liam got tattooed again too apparentely as he had been seen leaving the tattoo parlour his arm wrapped with something.

A kind of ‘Video Diary’ had been upload on Youtube today. It dates back to the 21st of September when they were on rehersals for the iTunes Festival:

The boys will be on the covers of December/January edition of Teen Vogue:

They’re all handsome.. But look at Zayn, it’s like he was made for this cover.

And I just felt like sharing this:

And maybe this too, from the Cosmopolitan photoshoot, if I’m not wrong..

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