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  1. @Thomas Starr @paddy creegan @uhhCrizpy fuck u fuck u and fuck u!! Why the he’ll r u here then and @uhhCrizpy then y don’t u go look at the fucking beatles and they did perform at this olympics no! So all of u shut the hell up and leave don’t bother our fandom u worthless piece of shit faggots

  2. I’m so proud of them! They’ve accomplished so much already! <3 They're amazing. I love my Irish Snowflake/The Funny One, The Vein One, The Flirt, The Leader, and The Smart One. <3 :D My life!

  3. *you *hell *are *you *why
    I can only speak for my self here but came here to say my opinion of them and i’m not a faggot i have the most beautiful girlfriend ever so how about you shut the hell up.

  4. I hate when people watch video’s only to criticize them. If you dont like it then DONT WATCH IT. Doing that for attention? Thats STUPID you fools! We know that, why dont you??? Gosh. One Direction is amazing. If you cant see that, DO NOT COMMENT. OK?Do you want Attention? In the end its Spammed, We are here because we love 1D go somewhere else. Go somwhere where your hate is appreciated K? <3 Sagalover99 Stop drinking Haterade, Gateraids its better for your BRAIN and BODY :) Peace's!

  5. all i’m gonna say is, when a artist or boy group or band have a fan base of purely teenage girls, you know your famous for the wrong reasons.
    people from the US have no idea what amazing talents we have over here in the UK and OD isn’t one of them.

  6. OMG, Please Please  support Nialls Irish Cousin « Sarah Toner » Awesome singer , Amazing cover,Sensational comments only 14.Please take time to listen you will be very pleased, This is one talented family (1D 4 Ever)Tell all your friends.

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