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  1. If they weren’t worth 13mil views, then why do they have them? I love One Direction because I, too, watched them on X-Factor. I rooted for them before they became a band because of their beautiful voices. And they are gay. They are so gay it hurts… but they’re also not gay. But they are. It’s complicated. And because I am a directioner through and through, I understand that completely, because even though a lot of us haven’t met them, we know them in a way that we cannot explain.

  2. Probably because people are sick of these little pricks butchering songs and clogging up search results with their shitty covers, just like they did with Wonderwall.

  3. Alright Directiones! On August 29th it is Liam’s birthday! We have to do the following! <3

    1: Don't use spoons that whole day!

    2: Call everyone turtle.

    3: Watch Toy Story (if possible).

    4: Do the 123 FLICK when you pass someone and just randomly.

    5: Write Daddy Direction on your wrists.

    Post this on as many 1D videos as possible and try to get this to the top comment so everyone sees! Spread the word and we need the support! <3 :)

  4. Ok, well I don’t visit other bands videos and comment about 1D. So, as I said, you DON’T know why I like them. You say their talented? Why the hell do you think I like them? I liked em since they were on The X Factor. SO, I suggest you don’t say you know I like them for their looks cause I don’t. They actually deserve 13mil views. They worked hard to get where they are.

  5. You fucking faggots one erection. copying other people’s songs is stupid. and you guys sound fucking horrible singing youth group’s song. how pathetic!

  6. when i wanted the 1d album my moms all like i guess some1 wants a one direction birthday party

  7. Ugh bitch go away nobody wants your bullshit opinions.If you don’t like One Direction thats cool but don’t come on here and comment shit just to get attention

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