25 réflexions sur « One Direction – I’m Yours (cover) »

  1. OMG, Please Please  support Nialls Irish Cousin « Sarah Toner » Awesome singer , Amazing cover,Sensational comments only 14.Please take time to listen you will be very pleased, This is one talented family (1D 4 Ever)Tell all your friends.

  2. I don’t understand how ppl think niall is untalented! Seriously he can sing and play the guitar and what’s great about him is that even though he wrote 5 songs in the new album he’s able to give out a lot of the parts to the 1D boys. :) we luv u nialler

  3. Absolutely nothing… But how do you know they’re sweet and innocent? Not saying they aren’t… but why does everyone think they know them? They may be, this is just a terrible cover to an amazing artist, Jason Mraz.

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