One Direction – One Thing (MattyBRaps Cover)

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  1. yo matty b i am a nine year old girl and i love u i really want to see u in real life and so does my friend so if u wanna see me and my friend then go to darthpocobrea with no spaces and go to the channel and go to the one that says jamie and alani swmming and and 2 one

  2. Y did he skip Nialler’s part…….directionATOR !!!!! And the second chorus starts as something’s gotta give now cause I’m dying just to know your name not cause in dying just to make you see!

  3. There is a difference from a hater and a realist, stop being « rainbows and sunshine » and get real. It’s every single video you go to that you see the same 3 sides. Realist, hater, and « optobitchstic ».

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