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  1. Well excuse me sir. But One Direction have just made themselves international very recently. so you still have to give them time. and not to mention that fags isn’t even an insult. it’s just another name for gay. and gay is not an insult either. it’s a word meant to describe someones sexual orientation, so what you said was ‘These fags will never be better then the ‘Beetles' », when in reality all your saying is a word. not an insult. and By the way, I’m a One Direction fan.

  2. I know who the Beatles are, calm down.. One Direction is a new boy band the Beatles have been over for some while now. So give them time. Music is perspective, so dont hate on people because you hate there music. They havent done anything to you. These 5 guys all are very sweet, and all have different personalities that make them unique. Why are you even watching a One Direction interview if you dont like them?

  3. I’ll be honest… i dont really like one direction, see to me a musician/artist/band writes there own music and plays instruments, which isn’t what they seem to do, except one who plays guitar and also before anyone say « they wrote this, this and this » wellthey didn’t because they co-wrote and i can’t stand bands co-writing i mean theres already 5 of them. Heres the HUGE BUT… people need to stop comparing them to the beatles, well done to them for managing to become popular and i good luck.

  4. ikr the boys usually stay away from crying fans too lol. Like if you really want to meet them look at the others who have. They weren’t crying when they met them. Crying makes it so uncomfortable for them.

  5. One Direction has it all there living the dream and I know they wont give up tgey just go started they cant stop now I love them peolpe can go on the internet and say rumors I dont care I’ll always love them till the end!

  6. Omg guys stop fighting-.-‘ I think they shouldn’t compare 1D with the beatles YES WITH AN A (so much for a fan not knowing how to even spell) google it.. Like seriously? I’m not even born in d 19th century but I do know how successful n big d beatles were. Like both bands have different types of music in different generations so why compare? N now there’s diff people not d same 1960s residents.. Like come on shut your mouths about a stupid argument don’t u even see how much diff there is betwee

  7. I’m a beatles fan and a directioner! I don’t think they should compare them to the beatles but they are very talented. I’d compare them to……The Monkees :)

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