25 réflexions au sujet de « One Direction twitcam 8/30/12 »

  1. When Louis said « No Jimmy protested! » i think my heart melted I mean after 2 years he still remembers that joke and isn’t afraid to bring it back omgggggg

  2. Everytime I watch a Twitcam related to 1D I always ask myself, « What the hell is wrong with these boys? » but that’s okay because I love it with all my heart

  3. Watching this twitcam and seeing the boys saying things like « No Jimmy Protested », « Vas Happenin », « Supammmaaaann » and stuff, really touched my heart cuz it shows they have not changed.

    Then watching this for the millionth time i realized that One Direction are all croc wearing Directioners. Day-um.

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