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  1. Poor Zayn deleted his twitter because of hate! What’s wrong with you guys? Why do you think it’s right to go around telling people how much you hate them? They are people too just like you. They don’t like to hear those things. It kills them to know that so many people hate them for no reason. They never did anything to you. Why do you hate them? Because they sang a song that you liked? For real? If your friends sing along to a song you like, do you hate them? For real guys. Grow up and be nice.

  2. OMG, Please Please  support Nialls Irish Cousin « Sarah Toner » Awesome singer , Amazing cover,Sensational comments only 14.Please take time to listen you will be very pleased, This is one talented family (1D 4 Ever)Tell all your friends.

  3. Holy Feck and Sweet Jesus Mary & Joseph she is a sensation. Sarah Toner mesmerised me for the whole song.She has the voice & looks of an Angel.This girl is a big star in the making.Thanks edgens for sharing .Everyone just stop and listen.

  4. Hey Directioners :)
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  5. Bitch, please. These boys COVERED the song.. Why would you even say that their ‘bum boys’ they are AMAZING. If you thought that you wouldn’t get any angry replies before you commented this then you were wrong, us directioners CARE and LOVE 1D and think their amazing and fabulous. They make any song sound great. Like this comment if you’re a directioner.

  6. Harry doesn’t like it when girls curse so I won’t. But you need to stop coming onto videos if you know you don’t like their music. Why can’t people just have common sense these days?! You know what happens when people hate on them? Harry cries when he gets hate. Zayn deleted his Twitter. At least they aren’t afraid to show when they’re upset. At least they have hearts. Seems as though you have nothing nice to say, so GTFO this page, and NEVER come back. Now everyone’s happy.

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