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  1. You’re right about the 92 release and the fact that according to Wikipedia, Apple or Lindsay-Hogg says that a remastered version could come out in 2013 but I’m talking about a full uncut version! I don’t know what to think anymore…cos in wiki, there’s a contradiction when it says  »There’s all sorts of extra footage showing more squabbles but it’s unlikely it will ever see the light of day in Paul and Ringo’s lifetime. »…It seems a LOT of footage from the movie was always cut..unsurprisingly.

  2. Hey Everyone, Check out my new song! I posted an original song I wrote called « Make Love Not War ». Click me to see it and please tell me what you think!

  3. Apple never released ‘Let It Be’ on home video 1992. Re-read the article. It was « remastered » for a home video release that NEVER HAPPENED. The only time ‘Let It Be’ had been released on home video was in 1981 for a brief period on video, laserdisc and CED in the US and Germany only. This was pulled and since then, it has never been rereleased.

  4. me too I need a record player! I dont have blu ray i see no point! because tech moves too fast! im glad they have dvd realese! Help! is my fave beatles movie! I want it on dvd but i cant find it anywhere cheap! its mainly 30.00 at F.Y.E, i just might get it anyways!LOL. I am such a Beatles freak !

  5. They need to bring all of the beatles back to the theatures In 3D!. like they are planning to do with the old star wars movies! Help! is my fave beatles movie! they have it on Dvd for 30.00 which is a bit expensive even though its the beatles!

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