Selena Gomez Gets Trampled At Fashion Week – Nicki Minaj Video ‘The Night Is Still Young » Pics (DHR)

23 réflexions sur « Selena Gomez Gets Trampled At Fashion Week – Nicki Minaj Video ‘The Night Is Still Young » Pics (DHR) »

  1. Tbh Demi is one of the best role models now a days. So many young
    celebrities are focused on romance, twerking, guys/girls and here’s Demi
    you know just be an ACTUAL role model.

  2. I really miss lady gaga , it’s been a long time since ARTPOP and rumor say
    that she’s not going to release any pop album till late 2016. And she’s
    going to make a couple more jazz albums .Since she’s gone the ghetto
    version of lady gaga aka nicki minaj is everywhere , one hit wonderers are
    taking over the chart and Taylor swift is the only good pop queen out

  3. Dana, I feel your pain, I’ve been sick too! I think it’s cool Vanessa’s
    musical airs the same day as my Shattered Dreams film my PALS program has
    been filming. Shattered Dreams is a film basically talking about how teens
    shouldn’t drink and drive. Drink at all, for that matter, but it’s a
    anti-drinking and driving short film. 

  4. I love this channel, this is just honest feedback. Bring a little diversity
    into the mix, most of these girls sound the same, make the same jokes,
    laugh at the same things, and even dress and style their hair the same.
    Bring a cute gay guy, or a cute black girl, hell a penguin. Being a channel
    that post videos everyday, you should know that it’s honestly so hard to
    not get bored or irritated with these ladies. I love them, but we really
    need to mix it up guys.

  5. I wish the Night is Still Young video had Nicki and all her personalities
    partying in & outside the club with a lil dance routine. If you’re gonna do
    a pop song, make it count.

  6. Well they’re people, they whine because people recognise them?? Like then
    why the hell did you get in the industry anyway, it’s not like people care
    soooo much to actually harm you or something, it’s ridiculous I dare them
    to deal with crowds and people in real life like on a subway! 

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