#NEW ! One Direction’s Big Announcement!

Louis’ new haircut. ;) #JOINTHEQUIFFMOVEMENT

We were all waitin for the « big news » they were teasing us since a week. It just had been uploaded, but it already had stormed twitter out. Trending worldwide? Like every single day.

One Direction’s new single : Live While We’re Young.

You’ll be able to pre-order it at 00:00. It’ll be released on (rumoured) September 30th while the album (#confirmed) is gonna be out in November!

Apparently it’s already on in NZ.

Pre-order is NOT AVAILABLE in US, Canda and Japan.

We’d be mean but yey Us! For the first you can’t do a thing we can and not the opposite!

NEW – One Direction’s exclusive covers!

Apparentely, they kept us 4 secrets videos, some covers.

These two news just been put online. One cover of I’m yours and one of Wonderwall!

They are awesome! It’s been a year these video had been filmed. On the set of What Makes You Beautiful video clip and we can see how much the lads have changed.

We kinda miss Niall‘s crooked teeth, Zayn’s without-tattoos skin, Liam‘s haircut, Louis‘ red pants and Harry‘s tubby. « If we could only have this time for one more day… »


This one is my favorite. Too much too handle. Can’t Even!


love, love, love!

Watcha guys think?