OMG it’s JLS vs One Direction – The X Factor 2011 Live Final –

Mo Farah running away from things.

You know how Tumblrs appear from nowhere, about everything with everything.

There’s an other one which shows Mo Farah running away from things…

Farah is the actual holder of the europeans records of the 10 000 meters on track and of the 5 000 meters indoors, british records of the 10 000 meters on road, the 3 000 meters indoors, the 5 000 meters on track. And he recentely became gold medallist of the 10 000 meters and 5 000 meters in London. He’s a part of the Team GB. British can be proud!

Olympics – Week 1

Day 6: 

First of all, today, France, we won two gold medals (Judo: Teddy Riner and Swimming: Florent Manaudou). So, we now have 8 gold medals, 5 silver ones and 6 bronze ones.

Men’s Judo (+100kg)

Polish Janusz Wojnarowicz/ Tunisian Faicel Jaballah, at 11 sec’ until the end of the meeting/ Cubain Oscar Brayson, ippon/ Semi-final: south Korean Kim Sung-min, N.5 mondial/ Final: russian Alexander Mikhaylin.

more to come…