Olympics – Week 1

Official logo of the Olympics Games 2012 in London

I have to say that I usually don’t really like to watch sports on Tv, but it’s been a week now that I spend my whole time watching the Olympics.

What I love with these games is, every country is present. That brings countries closer. Everyone does his best for his own country. And we’re proud watching our athlets, all over the world, do their utmost for the country. By the way, these athlets aren’t like others, they’re respectful and proud of their values, of their country; if you know what I mean..

So I promise to myself to sum up the days for you. I’m starting with week one but then I’ll do it everyday.


Opening Ceremony: 

The Olympics’ rings

This opening was awesome! July, Friday 27th we could have seen the ceremony live. It has been directed by the famous Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire). Rumors say it cost 34millions pounds. It needed not least than 23000 costumes. The theme of the ceremony was around the history of Great Britain. Wo could have seen The Queen and James Boon (Daniel Craig) jump off their helicopter. By the way, it was the first apparition of the Queen in a fiction movie. We had a great demonstration of the british sens of humour. In the same occasion, we could have seen Mr.Bean (Roman Atkinson) who made a great apparation playing The Chariots of Fire (Vangelis) on the piano; and of course it was really funny. Best part of the ceremony, according to myself. I really enjoyed the history of british pop music too! Then came the Olympic Flame, bring by not less than the ultra famous David Beckham. The Olympic basin was lighted up by seven young british athletes after receiving it from Stever Redgrave, the british athlet with tthe greatest prize list. Fireworks. Mind-blowing. The came the countries parade, the speeches. And, then came the Artic Monkeys. Singing I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, and the ultra-known Come Together from The Beatles. It ended with Paul Mc Cartney singing Hey Jude. I was speechless, it was amazing.

Day Six. 

Today starts the Athletism competitions. Can’t wait to watch it! I’ll be updating tonight.

Here’s the general ranking: