So, basically, this is the biggest boyband in history.

These lads actually won a Brit Award. 


Zayn Javaad Malik, Louis William Tomlinson,

Liam James Payne, Niall James Horan, Harry Edward Styles.

In fact, when i heard them for the first time I thought « yes, that’s not bad, i like it » but then I didn’t really care about that band. Lot of people started saying lots of things about them. Some totally loved them (directioners), some just like one of them or, just cared about a part of the group and didn’t knew the name of the others (directionators) and then came the haters. Actually, I never understand that hate some people have for others. I mean, you don’t like it, okay, but respect does exist. And everybody deserves it. Hate will never be needed, anywhere. Some of my friends were like « oh, no! Not that One Direction thing! » whenever What Makes You Beautiful came on the radio. I was just « i’m no fan, but that doesn’t disturb me ». Meanwhile, I couldn’t help knowing that I was kinda interrested in that Boys Band. And one day, I just started watching the X Factor auditions of these five boys… That was just the beginning.. And then, I fell in love with that one-fifth-irish british band. I just became a true Directionner.

It’s not since when I’m a part of this fandom that makes me a directioner, but it’s only the love i’ve got for this band and the fact that I know I’ll always love it…

one band, one dream, one direction.


July, 23rd; 8:22 pm. 

more to come…