Mo Farah running away from things.

You know how Tumblrs appear from nowhere, about everything with everything.

There’s an other one which shows Mo Farah running away from things…

Farah is the actual holder of the europeans records of the 10 000 meters on track and of the 5 000 meters indoors, british records of the 10 000 meters on road, the 3 000 meters indoors, the 5 000 meters on track. And he recentely became gold medallist of the 10 000 meters and 5 000 meters in London. He’s a part of the Team GB. British can be proud!

So, basically, this is the biggest boyband in history.

These lads actually won a Brit Award. 


Zayn Javaad Malik, Louis William Tomlinson,

Liam James Payne, Niall James Horan, Harry Edward Styles.

In fact, when i heard them for the first time I thought « yes, that’s not bad, i like it » but then I didn’t really care about that band. Lot of people started saying lots of things about them. Some totally loved them (directioners), some just like one of them or, just cared about a part of the group and didn’t knew the name of the others (directionators) and then came the haters. Actually, I never understand that hate some people have for others. I mean, you don’t like it, okay, but respect does exist. And everybody deserves it. Hate will never be needed, anywhere. Some of my friends were like « oh, no! Not that One Direction thing! » whenever What Makes You Beautiful came on the radio. I was just « i’m no fan, but that doesn’t disturb me ». Meanwhile, I couldn’t help knowing that I was kinda interrested in that Boys Band. And one day, I just started watching the X Factor auditions of these five boys… That was just the beginning.. And then, I fell in love with that one-fifth-irish british band. I just became a true Directionner.

It’s not since when I’m a part of this fandom that makes me a directioner, but it’s only the love i’ve got for this band and the fact that I know I’ll always love it…

one band, one dream, one direction.


July, 23rd; 8:22 pm. 

more to come…