Zayn, what happened to you?

So, apparently Zayn had quite a problem with his ankle at Justin Bieber’s house where he and Nialler went after the VMA’s few nights ago.
Few rumours said he may have broke his ankle while skating.
Anyway, every single directioners wish him to get well soon and to take a well deserved rest.

But we have to say we love when he wears Obey tees and snapbacks this way.

#VMA’s 2012! And 3 awards for our boys!

I was over excited for their performance at the show. But because of the time zones, school and all these things, i just couldn’t watch it. And I feel terrible cause it looks like it was an amazing time! Of course I can’t find any videos on internet..

But when going to take my train at 6:30 this morning i checked my phone and saw like I don’t know how many tweets of the boys.





I just had a look at some pictures, of course the ones with Harry and Niall kissing Katy Perry. This is so cute, so so funny. And I could have seen that Niall had his dark brown hair back on the sides. He’s stunning (more than ever). The guys looked amazing (as always). And Danielle and Eleanor were so cute, being so happy for their boyfriends. These four are too cute.

The boys winning their awards!

Harry’s reaction? Priceless.

Katy and Nialler casually tweeting around..

Danielle and Eleanor (on the right). CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

Harry the morning next to the vmas. His tattoos (: OMGGGGGG).

And Niall casually at the Bieb’s place. Cooking noodles at 2am.

Justin, Alfredo and Niall.

Niall casually standing in his idol‘s kitchen: Justin Biebers.

the last one.. ahah #sorrynotsorry

(of course 10 millions of Directioners can beat 27 millions of Beliebers.)



#NEW ! One Direction’s Big Announcement!

Louis’ new haircut. ;) #JOINTHEQUIFFMOVEMENT

We were all waitin for the « big news » they were teasing us since a week. It just had been uploaded, but it already had stormed twitter out. Trending worldwide? Like every single day.

One Direction’s new single : Live While We’re Young.

You’ll be able to pre-order it at 00:00. It’ll be released on (rumoured) September 30th while the album (#confirmed) is gonna be out in November!

Apparently it’s already on in NZ.

Pre-order is NOT AVAILABLE in US, Canda and Japan.

We’d be mean but yey Us! For the first you can’t do a thing we can and not the opposite!

NEW – One Direction’s exclusive covers!

Apparentely, they kept us 4 secrets videos, some covers.

These two news just been put online. One cover of I’m yours and one of Wonderwall!

They are awesome! It’s been a year these video had been filmed. On the set of What Makes You Beautiful video clip and we can see how much the lads have changed.

We kinda miss Niall‘s crooked teeth, Zayn’s without-tattoos skin, Liam‘s haircut, Louis‘ red pants and Harry‘s tubby. « If we could only have this time for one more day… »


This one is my favorite. Too much too handle. Can’t Even!


love, love, love!

Watcha guys think? 

So, basically, this is the biggest boyband in history.

These lads actually won a Brit Award. 


Zayn Javaad Malik, Louis William Tomlinson,

Liam James Payne, Niall James Horan, Harry Edward Styles.

In fact, when i heard them for the first time I thought « yes, that’s not bad, i like it » but then I didn’t really care about that band. Lot of people started saying lots of things about them. Some totally loved them (directioners), some just like one of them or, just cared about a part of the group and didn’t knew the name of the others (directionators) and then came the haters. Actually, I never understand that hate some people have for others. I mean, you don’t like it, okay, but respect does exist. And everybody deserves it. Hate will never be needed, anywhere. Some of my friends were like « oh, no! Not that One Direction thing! » whenever What Makes You Beautiful came on the radio. I was just « i’m no fan, but that doesn’t disturb me ». Meanwhile, I couldn’t help knowing that I was kinda interrested in that Boys Band. And one day, I just started watching the X Factor auditions of these five boys… That was just the beginning.. And then, I fell in love with that one-fifth-irish british band. I just became a true Directionner.

It’s not since when I’m a part of this fandom that makes me a directioner, but it’s only the love i’ve got for this band and the fact that I know I’ll always love it…

one band, one dream, one direction.


July, 23rd; 8:22 pm. 

more to come…