« Calling them the boys and actually know who you’re talkin about because there are no other boys in your life anymore. »

 Everyone does not live celebrity the same way. Here we have Harry playing real-life Ninja Fruit.

There’s a photo gallery of the boys recording with Ed Sheeran right here:

one shirtless Niall, one sweater Liam, one beanie Louis, one perfect Zayn (yeah, literally, only one), one handsome Harry. And one awesome Ed Sheeran. 

I love the way we can see that the paparazzi are under bushes or something like that. They’re warriors..

Harry first instagrammed this: « @grimmers Hahaha! Fincham the penishead. Biggest Watermelon ever. »

And then we got this: one Harry laying on the floor. one shirtless Liam (twitter’s reaction: « HOLY ABS fnasfjqwoejdlqhdwhegwuesaskw! »). one laughing Louis. one watermelon exploded.

Some are saying that Harry got a new tattoo (again) of a hanger. And I’m quite jealous/mad about it because after the star (that perfectly is the one I always dreamt of), that hanger is exactly the same I want (already wanted before he’s got his own /!\). Just gonna have to see if it’s another false rumour or if it’s true. What do you think?