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  1. Nothing Lasts forever.. but they sure did Change America.. They were something else.. John and George fell apart quickly after a few years.. Ringo and Sir Paul Mc Cartney are still alive and well.. Great Memories.

  2. Ed Sullivan should have introduced them  » and now, ladies and gentlemen – the GREATEST phenomenon in the history of show business — THE BEATLES »  yeah, yeah, yeah….YEAH !!!!!

  3. It was because of the Beatles I became a musician. Almost 50 years later and they are still the BIG DOGS!!!!!!!!!! Four young men from Liverpool started a movement that will never be equalled, let alone rivaled.

  4. I had the rare privilege of seeing these guys live at the Baltimore Civic Center in ’64. It was my first concert, and it was every bit as incredible as you could imagine.

    Sure, it all gets put into perspective through the years; « When We Were Fab », and all that. Yes, it was « just four guys playing music ». But guess what; it was still absolutely amazing, wildly exciting, exhilerating, and just plain « off the hook ». The experience of a lifetime. Rock on George – and John, you still live.

  5. George’s fingers were perfect for the guitar. As for John (Sorry, girls, he’s married) that didn’t stop Yoko. When Cynthia came home, she found John with that dragon woman wearing Cynthia’s bathrobe. Ed Sullivan knew true talent when he saw it.

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