25 réflexions au sujet de « The Beatles – Blackbird »

  1. You obviosly dont know one thing about music if you think that about the Beatles. We dont care what you like to listen to. Go hate somewhere else cause I, as the biggest Beatles fan, dont appreciate it. Dont like? DONT WATCH!

  2. you literally could not be looking like more of a retard right now, good job, firstly. these are HIPPES, the ORIGINALS, youre faggot friends who like my chemical romance and coldplay and wear converse and thin hoodies are hipsters. secondly you fucking moron you owe your « metal » (hich i bet you couldnt even classify real metal if you heard it, cause youre gay) is only because of these four here. now shut up while the adults are speaking. idiot. retards like you are truly just infuriating

  3. i could argue that most metal fans ARE as intolerant, discriminating, small minded and flat out rude as that one actually. with some exceptions of course, yourself seaming to be one

  4. WRONG! they are NOTHING alike you dumbfuck!
    Hippy- another word for someone described as an « extremist liberal »
    Hipster- someone who doesn’t do things because they’re « too mainstream »

  5. oh btw if you think these are hipster faggots, why in the fuckin world are you listening to them…don’t you have guys with heavy makeup and snakelike tongues to listen to…

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