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  1. Or, maybe they’ve never heard this song before, gave it a try, and didn’t like it.

    That’s what the dislike button was created for, you narrow-minded shit. Believe it or not, not everyone has to like what you life.

  2. No they didn’t, and a lot of people know that Black Sabbath didn’t invent heavy metal. There bands like Blue Cheer that had metal songs before Black Sabbath was even formed.


  3. @jbirdschannelll34 Charles Manson believed the whole white album was ‘speaking’ to him and telling him to do things. He made a list of people to kill that went against him or something. And then he would write Helter Skelter on the wall with his victim’s blood. :/

  4. « He » (Manson) didn’t write Helter Skelter on the La-Biancas. It was the family who wrote it originally spelling it as Healter Skelter. He didn’t technically do anything aside from being the master mind behind the murders. He never made a list of people to kill the reason for the murders wasn’t because of the white album. « All of you get your hands dirty…and leave something witchy »

  5. Yes, because I came to watch Helter Skelter, I’m certainly gonna be interested in The Jonas Brothers and K-Pop. That’s some durn fine marketing there, YouTube!

  6. no u suck you fucking like lmfao that stuff sucks they have no talent and you must be fucking deaf to not like this song and if you dont like it why did you look it up so why dont you go fuck yourself BEATLES ROCK

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