25 réflexions sur « The Beatles – Hey Jude »

  1. @johnwaynegacy94 don’t hate on someone who is better than you in every way. Since you have no talents, all you can do is bash successful people. So have a good life being a failure. The beetles are legend

  2. show me that « fact » and im pretty sure that The Beatles are so much better than any of the music you listen too. And by the way why are you censoring it like what are you a little kid just say Ass Hole you troll.

  3. You didn’t answer his question. And why are you on a Beatles video? Come on then! Why? TROLL. You want me to get angry at you? Then I’ll just LET IT BE! PEACE and FUCKIN’ LOVE to all! :) <3 I'm in the best mood ever! :) Thank you Paul McCartney! :)

  4. YOU TELL ‘EM! :) Stupid TROLLS ussually. But you can let it be or give them something they will never forget! :) LOL Maybe let it be is the best way to give the trolls what they don’t want back. LOVE and HAPPINESS! Pisses them off if you be nice to them :) cause they want you to get pissed off at them! :)

  5. Yeah, at the behest of the Vatican due to a firestorm of heat because of her alledged ascendency to « sainthood ». Yasser Arafat was also given one some years later. So…well there is that…

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