The Beatles – Rooftop Concert (Full Version)

Last Concert Of The Beatles On The APPLE RECORDS on Abbey Road Get Back – 01:03 Don’t let Me Down – 04:18 I’ve Got a Feeling – 07:53 One After 909 – 11:35 Dig a Pony – 14:38 Get Back 18:30 Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the music in his video, it belongs to the rightful owner {THE BEATLES/APPLE RECORDS and EMI MUSIC}.

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  1. Awesome as hell, I would have told Scotland Yard to go fuck themselves and that they look like dumbass idiots in those hats, you never break up a beatles concert ever, they should know that

  2. Yes this sounds very similar to the real recording. But there are differences in particular at times there is more verb in George’s guitar and vocals sometimes have delays I hadn’t noticed before. Obviously someone at the board was tweaking things. I never knew until today they played this many on the roof… Wow!

  3. educated england went as quietly on top of the roof if lucky they werent noticed to have a glimpse of the last concert by the worlds greatest band, they should have yelled for more songs, but no, how could they be seen shouting those educated people, sometimes I would like england to disapear from the map

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