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  1. Lady gaga probably was mad because many people are bothering her. Hey it happens to all of us. But really she does respect Adele and admires the work she did. Lady gaga if you read this, don’t let those people bother you and change you.

  2. These women have NO idea what they are talking about! Gaga has been in the business way before she started becoming a fashion icon. How dare someone say she was « picked » to be an artist based upon her style. That woman is one of the most talented singer/songwriters in the longest time. She has a beautiful body and does not « flop » around on stage. Her body is far from being loose.

  3. And with the Adele comment, people are taking it the wrong way. She could have worded it in another way, but she basically meant that Adele is so beautiful and careless as a singer. She means so harm. Everyone attacks her just because she is the most famous person in the world.

  4. What they said was totally out of context. Gaga was trying to say why are people who are a bigger size aren’t making headlines like when she did when she gained 20 pounds.Like when Adele lost weight they never made headlines but when Gaga gained it made a bunch of headlines. Which was what gaga meant to say.

  5. But that was only a follow-up to her catty remark that adele was fatter and didnt get any harsh remarks. To be fair, adele looks good plump and uses only her voice to sell music, while gaga relies heavily on silly gimmicks, prancing around butt naked, using sexuality to sell. This is the reason no one attacks adele.

  6. She never dragged Adele through the mud. She complimented Adele on her strong character. I am pretty sure if anyone was called fat they would stand up for themselves. It is not whining.

  7. That is what is wrong with you Anti-Gaga people. You never look past her fashion or her sense of fearlessness in the way she looks and speaks. Have you ever heard her singing voice? One of the best voices to come around in ages. She can sing in any genre and succeed because she was given skill in schooling. Tony Bennet thinks she is the best thing since the 50’s. That is coming from one of the most famous singers in the world.

  8. She did drap adele into the mud because when no one cares about her weight lady gaga went out of her way to whine and say, *hey she is fat why dont people crib at her abt it?* She could have just said, *hey people i dont care if others think i am fat.* and that would have been classier. obviously she doesnt know how to be classy.

  9. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it…I strongly disagree however. I tend to look at the positive side of things instead of negative. Lady Gaga is a VERY classy lady. Like I said if you saw, I said she could have worded in another way. That is what she had on her mind and she spoke it. She loves Adele and respects her, that is why she mentioned her. For someone with the name « goingplaces11, » you are certainly not going to be with that attitude.

  10. I want to smack them all in the face. Gaga’s totally correct. Society is all over about being yourself, but how can you be yourself when we live in a world where people treat people like this?

  11. You should state the full quote and not just use her name to criticize her and publicize your show. If you actually would have « quoted » correctly, she praised Adele.

  12. For all those who say Lady Gaga followed her remarks with a compliment, please know that it was a back handed compliment. There was no reason to mention Adele in the first place. Adele has always been criticized for her weight so I’m not sure which rock Gaga’s been living under. Lady Gaga can’t handle any criticism. Her thin skin and huge ego won’t allow it.

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