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  1. Even though our society have been hunting down sorcery citizens since the seventeen century we still have a lot of witch and warlocks out there and the GOVERNMENT DOESN’T DO ANYTHING!
    I mean seriously, Charlie Sheen publicly alleged being a Warlock and nobody did anything.

  2. Spoilers! ~ Spoilers! ~ Spoilers! ~ Spoilers! ~ Spoilers! ~ Spoilers! ~ Spoilers!

    « History will never forget me, because I will murder tens of thousands of innocent people before publicly killing myself. Blood of men, women, children and dogs will run the streets of California, Nevada, and New York. I promise you that. » – Mark Ruffalo

    Oh good, I don’t live in any of those areas so I won’t have to move! Woo! Also my cats Stalin and Mao will be just fine it seems. Bye Bye Bitches. :-)

  3. « So they marched me down to the center of town with their pitchforks high in the air,
    I was chained and bound with a blindfold around so the judge wouldn’t catch my stare.
    And they hung my soul from the gallows, fooled by the witch they never found,
    So to those who don’t fit society’s mold, better swim or you will drown. »

  4. @officialmathewjames Dont compare Beatles fame to Beiber fame. There have been a number of popular teen heartthrobs in the past 50 years that have come and gone, and been forgotten. The Beatles have not because they were more than that. Beiber however, will go and be forgotten. Guarantee.

  5. I do know what the word means, and the science shows that music has gotten more and more similar over the last decade, which to me is as close as music can get to subjectively getting worse.

  6. It doesn’t matter. Years from now there will be grown men angrily asking why Justin Bieber haven’t received his Lifetime Award or whatever. This kind of thing happens a lot with movies. The Shining earned Stanley Kubrick a Razzie nomination for Worse DIrector.

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