24 réflexions au sujet de « With A Little Help From My Friends – Beatles »

  1. Ok. Well, I’m a bit confused, because even though you wrote ‘who « SUPPOSEDLY » took over from Paul’ you ended your comment with ‘So actually Billy Shears is not Ringo’. Anyway… it seems that it was just a misunderstanding between us… Cheers

  2. A true friend is someone who will help you to seek and learn the truth(s) about life and death. One of the reasons The Beatles were so close and so inspired was because they were truth seekers together. If you are a truth seeker, search for « Truth Contest » in Google, click the 1st result, then open « The Present » and read the amazing Beatles section that starts on page 59.

  3. I’d listen to this song whenever i got shot down by a girl and then i’d hang out with my best friends and just forget about being shot down. friends are always there to pick you up when you’re down =)

  4. Ringo is just such a humanly accessible soul, that it’s easy to relate to his kind, unassuming voice as the « Starr » singer in this selection. He was afterall, the heart beat of the Beatles, a perfect choice for showcasing their collective warmth and the close friendship that they all shared at one time.

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